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Are you in need of insulation removal in Greenwood, IN? We offer professional removal services and make the process easy for you. Our expert team understands all laws and regulations as it pertains to insulation and disposal. Feel free to reach out to our friendly team today for more information and a service quote.

Old Roof Insulation

When to Replace Your Home or Business Insulation

Any time you are replacing your home or business’ insulation, you should seek a professional company to remove your insulation. There are signs that indicate a need to remove and replace your insulation. These signs notably include:

  • Your insulation is more than 15 years old

  • Unusually high energy costs

  • Moisture, water, or mold damage

  • Signs of pest infestations (i.e. foul smell, noises, droppings)

The best way to determine if insulation removal in Greenwood is right for you is to call our professional team at Greenwood Spray Foam Insulation today to discuss your specific situation. We can also help you determine which type of spray foam insulation is right for you after insulation removal.

Residential Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Greenwood Indiana

Our Insulation Removal Process

Insulation removal is not as simple as ripping out old insulation. Instead, the job requires tons of professional safety equipment and knowledge of environmental safety. Our insulation removal process typically includes the following steps:

  • Remove toxins from existing insulation – Outdated insulation is most often covered in toxins that can be dangerous to breathe. We vacuum all existing insulation materials to ensure toxins are adequately removed.

  • Anti-microbial treatment – The next step in our insulation removal process is to destroy lingering germs with anti-microbial treatment.

  • Dispose of old insulation and waste – State and federal laws require responsible disposal of your old insulation materials (due to environmental concerns). We ensure your old insulation is properly disposed of at a recycling or waste management facility.

  • Insulate all openings – We then proceed to air seal and insulate all of your openings with our spray foam. This ensures optimal insulation and energy efficiency.

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